About Me

Many people have these great stories about how they had always wanted to be a teacher. I can remember “playing” school when I was kid but we also played “cowboys and indians,” and I don’t really remember ever thinking to myself that I want to be a teacher when I grow up…or a cowboy or indian for that matter. I didn’t start in the field of education and didn’t attend college right after high school. I was working in restaurant management and was managing a restaurant at the age of 19. Money was good and I was living on my own. When kids and marriage came along, yes in that order, I didn’t like the working hours so I left and went into mortgage banking. I thought I wanted an office job, but boy was I wrong. I learned 5 different departments in the 18 months I was there to keep myself from getting bored to death. Thankfully, the bank was taken over by the federal government and I left to go work in a daycare…with a huge pay-cut. But my kids could attend free, so it sort of evened out. Within six months I became an assistant director. It was then, that I realized, I really enjoyed working with kids. Thankfully, my daughters had some really good teachers, that let me come in and observe, so I could really see what teaching would be like. It took six years to get my bachelors degree in elementary education while still working part-time and raising children. I loved the elementary school environment. Soon after I began teaching, I returned to college to pursue my masters degree in early childhood. And here I am today. In the nine years that I have been teaching I have worked in grades 1-5 and spent three of those years teaching a single gender class of all boys. That was truly a great experience…and I really mean that. I have always worked in a classroom that included special education students. First, with Title I and then in co-taught classrooms. This coming school year will be my second year working with a truly exceptional special education teacher that shares some of my same philosophies on teaching. We have gone to many workshops and conferences together and traveled often to see many great educators in action.

I love what I do and I am continually inspired by the great educators that share their passion for teaching.

I am also married to my best friend and soul mate and life is good. Together we have been blessed with five exceptional daughters and six amazing grandchildren.

I decided to start blogging because I want to share what is happening in my classroom and I would like to connect with other like-minded educators. Teaching in a co-taught classroom brings many challenges every day. Through this blog, I would like to share our successes, failures, and challenges and invite other educators to comment, advise and share their experiences. It is a place that I would like to grow as an educator and writer so that I can be a better teacher for my students.